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this is why i hate technology

Okay so my laptop, for some reason, isn't letting me get on the internet - but limewire is totes cool to be on it. So I tried a system restore and all that jazz but nothing happened so... whatever. /: I'll just use it for writing, then, I guess. But I got our old desktop to work so happy! And the camera is working! Huzzah!

So I get to be on a crappy XP desktop, which is definitely better than nothing. Oh, and I'm getting a charger for my laptop (finally) so it's all good in the hood.

slow week, going to hang out with my dad all week so they'll be swimming while i chill at home with the dogs. :/ It's my brother's birthday! He's 27! (:



So my friend gave me a crapload of books to read this summer and I'm all excited because I really admire her and we've been BFFs for like three years (even though I caused a buuunch of drama between us and Julie). And the books - I read like a page of each yesterday - are really good, and I think I may have found some new fandoms. ;D


Made a fic community: [community profile] nicoleeolee . Yay me. My dad's getting DirecTV so we don't have poor people cable anymore - double yay! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I got back to my account and found a bunch of beta requests. I totally forgot about that lmfao. Oh well~

BTW, Twilight has a lot of good fanfic. Truth be told, it's hidden under craaaaaaaaaap (as in all fandoms), but it's like finding a golden needle in a haystack - satisfying and shiny. (:
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